We would like to say thank you to The Free Press for featuring this beautiful photo of the kids from our Romsey Early Education Centre. Participating in a fantastic art workshop as a part of the Romsey Community Mural Project at Romsey Neighbourhood House, our kids had a great time creating beautiful murals using their hands and fingers as paintbrushes.

Full Text in the Free Press:

THE Romsey Community Mural Project is running a series of community environemtal education painting worships all focusing on the sustainability theme “Romsey’s Sustainable Future”.

Workshops were conducted at Romsey Neighbourhood House for the preschool category with littles from Romsey Early Education Centre participating in a very fun and enjoyable morning session.

The littles discovered their star fingers and hand prints were essential in creating a colourful mural painting. Other sessions were held for adult and youth categories.

Romsey’s “Sustainable Future” Mural Project will give colour and vibrancy to the hub, capturing ideas of sustainable practices for Romsey and surrounding communities sustainable future.

The project is currently at stage one of a larger plan to improve the use and ownership of Romsey Neighbourhood House’s failities by all community members, to ultimately provide community gardens, recreation and meeting place for all.

The project is an exciting opprotunity to hop on board and Romsey Neighbourhood House is excited to have community members and various groups involved.

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